• A cup of vinegar for your dishwasher

    Vinegar can become one of your best allies when cleaning any kitchen device and the dishwasher is one of the most benefited by it. In a previous article we discussed about cleaning the dishwasher —our main conclusions being that yes, it is a thing that we have to do, and no, the dishwashers does not […]

  • Your Kitchen, Your Cleaner Space

    The kitchen, the special place where we all go to find the comfort of homemade food can be also a war zone if you don’t define a cleaning routine. You don’t have to sacrifice hours and hours every day cleaning your kitchen. Instead, define a routine that helps you to maintain a general tidiness and […]


    When you have too much to clean at home, baseboards are definitely not in your priority list. However, cleaning them from time to time is helpful for maintain a tidiness and a healthy environment. Cleaning your floor doesn’t always do the work for you, so here’s a quick guide on how to clean your baseboards—without […]


    Even when your dishwasher is designed for cleaning purposes, it does not clean itself from all the grease, soap scum and food particles. Just like your other kitchen tools, your dishwasher needs maintenance and cleaning. Every time you load the door with dirty dishes, you left it with fingerprints and residues. All of this affects […]

  • Tips for a Shining Bathtub

    The bathtub: a place for relaxing, reflect over life and leave behind every day’s stress. Also, it’s a place that can get dirty by soap scum, mildew, and grime, not to mention stubborn stains. A dirty bathtub always leads to think that the entire bathroom is being neglected. Don’t let this happen to you! To maintain […]

  • Ideas for Rugs: From Cleaning to Saving.

    Rugs are a great piece of decoration. They can give an elegant and colorful appearance to every room. And, as any other implement in your house, it needs care, cleaning and (sometimes) emergency actions to save their beauty. Rug care is determined by size, construction, and material. However, the first step to have is to […]

  • The amazing baking soda

    Have you ever considered how much money do you spend in cleaning products? It tends to be a high amount if you buy a different cleanser for every furniture or tool: the windows, the curtains, the kitchen, the sink, the refrigerator, the floors… the list can be very long—as the store receipt. What if there […]