• When Cleaning Goes Beyond Taking Out the Dust

    We, the team of BA House Cleaning, know that our job marks a difference: we transform a messy house in a clean, optimal living space. We’re always excited when we see our client’s satisfaction in their face. However, we also understand that there are more difficulties in life than only a messy house. Cancer is […]

  • Fight the Grime

    Furniture, watch straps, any place or utensil can become a victim of dirt and grime. Grime masks the true beauty of everything you own, and, even when frequent cleaning can avoid the “Cleaner vs. Grime” battle, sometimes you need fiercer actions to eliminate it. General Process A simple process works in almost every surface: apply […]

  • As Smooth As Porcelain

    Porcelain is a ceramic material that not only looks great as tiles, but also is extremely strong and durable because of its virtually non-porous properties—it won’t absorb liquids, at least not as easily as marble, a material we addressed in a previous article. You can obtain polished porcelain tiles—made entirely from porcelain—that have a layer […]


    Have you ever thought about your refrigerator as a cold box where you keep your food? Technically, that’s what it is. As we tend to get things in and out constantly, the accumulation of grit, grime and crumbs is inevitable. Sometimes we even have food that has expired—and let not start with the smell. So, […]

  • Marble: Hard As Stone… Delicate As a Flower?

    You’ve chosen marble for your countertops or floor. Brave decision. Marble is one of the most delicate surfaces to have in your home, even if it’s, well, stone. According to the Marble Institute of America, “the first step in proper stone care and maintenance is to understand your stone’s geological classification and composition.”[1] Marble is […]

  • Is Grout a Cleaning Nightmare?

    Grout is described as a finishing material. It’s put between your tiles as a complement. However, in our busy lives, there’s little to no time to clean it deeply in a daily basis. Sometime, the grout can become dirty—so much that it becomes a cleaning nightmare. In this article, we’re going to approach the easier […]


    Even when you do your laundry-sorting with all carefulness, anything can sneak into your dryer and cause a mess. Cleaning your dryer is more about maintenance than cleaning, and we’ll explain a practical way to do so. Of course, the first step is to make sure you unplug your dryer—even if it’s a gas dryer. […]

  • A cup of vinegar for your dishwasher

    Vinegar can become one of your best allies when cleaning any kitchen device and the dishwasher is one of the most benefited by it. In a previous article we discussed about cleaning the dishwasher —our main conclusions being that yes, it is a thing that we have to do, and no, the dishwashers does not […]

  • Your Kitchen, Your Cleaner Space

    The kitchen, the special place where we all go to find the comfort of homemade food can be also a war zone if you don’t define a cleaning routine. You don’t have to sacrifice hours and hours every day cleaning your kitchen. Instead, define a routine that helps you to maintain a general tidiness and […]